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Salient Features

The term bio-plastic is used to represent a class of plastics which are made from naturally occurring building blocks and hence are also bio-degradable at the end of their useful life.

Though many compounds have been synthesised in the last decade, one that has many advantages and applications like a synthetic polymer is PLA – Poly Lactic acid.

Corbion – a world leader in Lactic acid has joined hands with a large Petrochemical MNC and has developed a modern technology for industrial production of PLA.

Major Applications

Single use standard PLA Film/Sheet for thermoforming


  • Transparent oropaque
  • Heat resistance up to65°C
  • Compostable according toEN13432
  • High water vapor and oxygen transmission rates
  • Film extrusion and thermoforming at same speeds asPS

Typical applications BO-PLA thin film

  • Fresh fruitpackaging
  • Flow wrappers
  • Shrink labels &tapes

Typical applications cast PLA film/sheet

  • Clam shells,containers
  • Yoghurt cups – FFS orpreform

Single use High Heat PLA.


  • Heat resistant up to100°C
  • Can withstand boilingwater
  • Made from renewable rawmaterials
  • Biobased &recyclable
  • Excellent processingeconomics

Typical applications

  • Coffee cups
  • Hot food serving plates
  • Yoghurt cups – FFS or preform

PLA for Injection Moulding (Consumer appliance parts etc.,)

PLA for Non-woven Tea Bags and Coffee Pads

End Of Life Solutions

  • Can be safely used as a land-fill (Biodegrades)
  • Incineration
  • Industrial composting
  • Bio-gas generation
  • De-polymerisation

What Corbion Offers

The Value Chain starts from Sugar feed stock to Lactic Acid production to PLA manufacture to Compounding to Product Manufacture to Consumer.

Corbion is interested to work with all the stake holders in the value chain to support and encourage use of PLA, they being the PLA manufacturers.

Proof Of Concept

A large manufacturing company to make PLA is being set up in Thailand by Corbion jointly with a large Petrochemical MNC. Capacity of the plant is 75 KTA.

For more details you can check www.total-corbion.com

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